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personal exercises

This part is designed to prepare you to enter the program. It is meant for your personal use. You don’t need to share your answers. It is more about evoking a constructive frame of mind or attitude.

If you enter the program, we may later give you other similar exercises to try. But for the moment, try this:

This is an exercise that is useful before Rosh HaShanah, preparing to renew a cycle, which is simultaneously a new year as well as a renewal of Creation itself.

So go back and reflect on your life until now. Rather than looking for patterns or using categories, try examining yourself as part of Creation. What resources were you given and how have you used them up till now?

Take some time to reflect on this.

It doesn’t matter whether you were given a good healthy start or just the bare minimum. How did you get to where you are now? What choices did you make? What opportunities did you use? What skills did you develop? What natural talents did you fine tune?

When you are satisfied that you have accessed that, go on to the next exercise.

What obstacles have you you overcome? What skills did you use? what ones did you develop in the process? Were you able to widen your options?

What talents did you discover or hone? who helped you? did you ever thank them? Do so now (silently). What did their helping you teach you about human interaction?

Have you been able to “pay it forward”? Can you replicate their attitude and help someone else expand their options?

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