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Sociology and Religion (Greeley coll.)

Section 1
What is Religion: The Classical Tradition (includes: Marx, Freud Durkheim, Malinowski, Weber, Parsons; Geertz; and Otto)
Section 2
The Lure of the Sacred (Eliade)
Section 3
Religious Experiences (Emis & Huppold, James, Greeley (Survey))
Section 4
Folk Religions (Mensching, Carroll, Orsi)
Section 5
Secularization: The Decline of Religion (Wilson & Luckmann, Luckmann, Greeley)
Section 6
Church Institutions (Sects and Cults) (Troeltsch, Bainbridge and Stark)
Section 7
Women and Religion (Eliade, Gruber, Greeley)
Section 8
American Religion (all reports of surveys by various researchers)(includes Judaism, does not include Islam)

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